common harley oil leaks . Frequently asked questions including how and where to purchase AMSOIL products and switching from petroleum motor oil to synthetic. A filter oversaturated in oil, though, can leak some of that oil around the filter box, or it could get sucked into the carburetor, which gums up that device’s internal jets and needle valves. The burning oil can also cause higher emissions, resulting in failed emissions tests due to excess hydrocarbon production Oil flows to every part of the engine and spreads the glycol with it. By Paul Weissler. No slurs (racial, sexual, etc) No Personal Attacks We get it, you are a tough biker guy. An intake leak happens when a portion of the intake tract downstream of the fuel delivery device is breached. The head gasket is put in place as a barrier that prevents engine fluids from leaking into the cylinders. com Is The Premier Automotive Engine Troubleshooting Resource Site. I mention this as the last one because this is the least common reason. The oil pump lubricates the bearings in the engine and is probably one of the sturdiest components in a vehicle. Harley fixed all of the leaks with no issue, except the seeping cylinder because drops never formed. A Harley-Davidson is a very OIL FILTER HOUSING LEAK REPAIR. As I mentioned in the previous section some car oil leak problems become very challenging to find. Improper installation and age are two major contributors to the condition. There are a few very common leak points such as rocker boxes, inner primary seal, transmission main seal and stator plugs. The #1 Threat to Harley-Davidson – Part 2: Shack, Shambles, and Success Posted by: YouMotorcycle in Epic Editorials , Top Stories January 20, 2018 12 Comments Last week I denounced the belief that Indian is the #1 threat to Harley-Davidson. The crankcase is vented to the bottom of the bike. Stripping the threads in the pan can cause the oil to leak out around the bolt. Intake leaks suck, literally and figuratively, and they're common. Common oil leak locations??? I know that being a Honda there shouldn't really be a "common" oil leak, but I'm just looking for some starting points. I'm gonna be honest with ya, it is a Harley. You search Auto repair manual PDF most common locations for oil leaks on a 2009 harley davidson streetglide, if there are search results will appear below. Common Coolant Leak Problem. It seems that the most common leak to repair is the oil pan gasket when, in reality, the formed-in-place seal on the oil pan seldom leaks. Several Decades Ago, I Switched From Low-Fat Milk To Skim Milk. We Know More About The Health Benefits Now. When in doubt consult your factory service manual and/or a professional motorcycle technician. Oil Pump Check Ball Leak I have just finished my '47 FL and it has the ever-common oil pump check valve leak. Harley-Davidson has issued a voluntary recall for 57,138 units of its 2017 Touring motorcycles after discovering that a possible engine oil leak could cause crashes. Harley from the early Knucklehead to the end of the Shovelhead era, those types of transmissions are almost indestructible but have a problem they often leak to the ground. Notable issues with the Knucklehead engines built included oil leakage, valve spring breakage, poor rocker lubrication, and leakage of oil from the top end. from oil filter cover -can be fixed with proper washer and adhesives if necessary. This started the oil leaks at twice the rate they were from the increased cylinder filling and subsequent increased blow by. I replaced the oil pan gasket because there was a bad leak there and now, 2 days later, I still have a small leak. And certainly there are some Harley riders in it for the image, not for the ride. DannysEnginePortal. most common locations for oil leaks on a 2009 harley davidson streetglide. Vintage Engine Oil Leaks? The most common leak point is the trans shaft oil seal. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are noted for their heavy customizations that bring about the chopper style of motorbikes. The most common area of vacuum leaks are the carb holder (rubber boots). Look under the hood around the oil filter and the engine and under the vehicle for leaks around the oil drain plug, the crankcase, and the oil pan below it. I know it's a running joke, but it's true. High mileage motor oil, with its unique additives and formulation, helps to reduce oil burn-off, and helps prevent oil leaks that may occur in older engines. you really want to stop leaks, I recommend you pump hydraulic cement under pressure into the oil filler until it comes out the radiator cap. The current owner has not ridden the bike for over a year and when I saw a picture there was oil underneath. I have changed the oil seal on the crankshaft twice (turning it both ways) and still leaks. 8 Liter Another common practice of finding air leaks is the spraying of contact cleaner at potential leak areas while the engine is running. Is the rocker gasket leaking or are you leaking from a pushrod tube O-ring? If you disturb the center square O-gasket, they'll leak. I can't find any leaks. harley recomends that you use their oil but i would be carefull because it is a cynthetic now if you were using regular oil what that will do is clean all the old build up out of the motor this can be bad because after time there are pin hole leaks that occure but the build up stops it from leaking but if you use cynthetic you cant go back to 2007 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail oil tank filler cap pushed off after 40 miles oil was pushed out through thr filler hole the motorcycle has done 1700 miles from new, any idea what may have cause … A couple of thousand miles ago, I replaced the compensator with the new SE compensator, with the oil passages. 00 and took maybe 1/2 hour to install. harley davidson talk forums. common places for a shovelhead to leak. When checking the oil in the tank I used to just fill it up near the top when cold disregarding the manual which tells you to get the engine up to operating temperature(hot) then check using the dipstick. Oil leaks are commonplace among car owners. According to my local Harley service rep, this happened for several years because the machine that bolted the valve covers down (all the bolts zipped tight in one shot) on the assembly line had to be taken off the line Oil leaks, or the "Shovelhead Drip," have been plaguing Shovelhead owners for decades. Synthetic oil and filter recommendations as well as motorcyle (including Harley Davidson) lubricant recommendations. of the product per quart of fluid for your transmission. Oil Leak on Harley Q: I have 89 FXRS I guess it`s a bottom breather, I just bought an ultra lower set of cases. What are the common sources of oil leaks on a 3. Harley-Davidson motorcycles use a chain-driven primary system to transmit power from the engine sprocket to the clutch housing. I have the primary outer cover off and plan to remove the inner (new clutch/belt installed). Motor oil leaks will hurt your engine. The standard Harley studs are 7/16 -14 in size, threaded into the base of the tranny. 05 CityX leaks oil when sitting still, nothing fast just constant. An engine that burns oil not only wastes oil but can damage spark plugs, cause the ignition to misfire and eventually affect the catalytic converter. another note: (re: persons complaint on oil leaks, leak around air cleaner) i got the bike when it had 5 k miles on it. If the oil is definitely black and the drops are directly under the engine, it's engine oil, which is the most common leak. Finding Oil Leaks. Rob Warr, Warr’s Harley-Davidson “The 883cc Evo Sportster was a vast improvement over the Ironhead. 2003 Harley Davidson Dyna FXD Style is a myth. Replacing a Harley-Davidson Sportster oil tank (pre-2004) The Sportster has been leaking oil from the oil tank for a while now, and after just putting up with it I decided to finally fix it. there are a few common issues. com Shares Information On Engine Troubleshooting, Engine Rebuilding, Engine Repair Tips, Tech Info, Basic Machining, Automotive Testing, In Addition To Possible Solutions. "By now, most bikes will have had all that stuff replaced," Krummel says, noting that a used 1970s Hog that blows blue smoke when the throttle is twisted will need a top A crankcase ventilation system (CVS) is a one way passage for the blow-by gases to escape in a controlled manner from the crankcase of an internal combustion engine. 1998 - 528i (Tip applies to All E39 528's) by Bryan H Getting Started: Remove the battery positive terminal from the battery. The claims are true about the temp drop(35 degrees),no 12v fans whistling, no power draw at all…. Harley-Davidson motorcycles always were big, macho machines that leaked oil, leaving a puddle wherever they parked. One bottle will treat 4-6 quarts of oil, and you would be using one oz. Some oil coolers circulate oil inside a chamber that is filled with coolant. Harley Oil Leaks What is most likely to leak on my Harley Davidson? Unfortunately most Harley’s will leak sooner or later. The outside, that mounts to the plate, are 3/8 fine thread. • Check operation of throttle and enrichener controls. guaranteed you will have no further wear on that engine. (Vulcan owners seem to take minor leaks more seriously than Shovelhead owners. A car engine uses motor oil to lubricate the internal moving parts of the engine such as crankshaft, rod bearings, pistons and valve train. (They use a key on the pump shaft to work. Low quality motor oil with high volatility. I have the same problem, and yes, my filter does need to be cleaned. Common fuel leaks from a Harley carburetor. The contact took the vehicle to signature Ford Lincoln (1960 e main st, owosso, mi 48867, (800) 364-2868) for an oil change and was informed that there was an 80% leakage from the oil pan. 3/3. The video above shows how to fix minor transmission fluid leaks in a 2006 Ford F-150. One of the more common questions we get concerns either the overwhelming smell of gas coming from the carburetor or fuel leaking out of the bowl or overflow. just noticed what you said about clutch slave . March 22, 2018 Engine Sealing-Gaskets And Seals-Knowing The Facts, Oil Leaks The valve cover sits on top of the cylinder head and does just what its name suggests, covers the valves. Lucas High Performance Motorcycle Oils are the result of technology gained through years of blending motor oils and gear oils for the racing industry. In a Harley Davidson motorcycle, slobbering oil, also known as oil carryover, is a common problem caused by deteriorated, cracked or improperly attached backplate air filter bolts or tubes. Harley Davidson is a symbol of United States of America and I like the iconic statue in what Harley Davidson stands for. High Oil Pressure: Possible Problems There are only a handful of potential issues that might cause high oil pressure , a common problem in used car engines for sale. I talked to a Harley mechanic and he confirmed that the older gaskets were not designed for synthetics. Trying to find the oil leak on 1989 Harley Davidson Electraglide Ultra Classic w/ 58,000 miles. What is an oil pan gasket? An oil pan gasket seals the oil pan to the bottom portion of the engine block. The reason for this is, even with the standard petroleum based oil, the scavenger side of the oil pump is marginal for the motor. It is caused by the engine ejecting air and oil while operating. straight forward installation,no leaks…. Be aware that there may be leaks from several locations at the same time. although usually they just “seep” a little oil onto the engine which causes a burning smell and maybe a little smoke under the hood. Is There A Risk of Gasket Leaks or Seal Leaks When Changing to Synthetic Oils? A former OEM headquarters senior engineer gives detailed answers to common questions about potential engine oil leaks when changing to synthetic oils. Crankshaft seals, like the one located behind this oil pump, are a place to look for an air-leak. Observations: Small amount dime to quarter Only after riding and it is hot Stops after an hour or so after riding Bike has about 54K miles Just wondering if there are any common oil leak locations? Not trying to start another Harley argument but I have found another reason a Harley(at least my XR1200) leaks oil. Fuel system leaks are the number one cause of vehicle fires, according to the experts at How Stuff Works. 1500 1600 Vulcan Common Oil Leaks This post is address the most common and generally easily fixed Vulcan 1500 and 1600 oil leaks. I have seen leaks from the tappet cover gaskets , Spark plug seals ( these are the ones in the centre of the tappet covers), the oil filler cap, the cam seals, the front crank seal , the rear crank seal , the blanking plugs at the back of the cams in the cylinder head , the oil filter housing, the oil pressure switch , the oil filter itself Then I guarantee you that the oil filter will leak, spraying oil all over the engine, the underside of the hood, and of course, the spotless floor of the oil change bay. SAE 60 motor oils are commonly used in Harley-Davidson® Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead and big-bore motorcycles. Sometimes a leak in the oil line inside this chamber can cause oil to leach into your cooling system . Now that we have that out of the way, this particular recall is no laughing matter. otherwise, may be a problem with the oil systemold ironhead motors were notorius for all of the oil in the bag draining down into the crankcase if you left them sitting for too long, especially if you had too much oil on the bag. The design of the Harley-Davidson engine and the intake manifold make it prone to air leaks. being a harley in and of itself does not make a bike leak oil, i have 4 and not 1 of them leak oil. ). I got a take off tank from eBay and sanded and painted it. Cross hatch is really not a good indicator on the Cummins as to how much cylinder sealing is left. It only drips a few drops overnight on the garage floor, but it is annoying and I am trying my hardest to find it. Has nothing to do with a leak until enough oil leaks out and causes a low oil condition. A Harley engine repair manual is a book of instructions, or handbook, for learning how to maintain, service and overhaul the Harley motor to factory specifications. Vrod oil leak sooooo i hear you cry what was the cause of the oil leak ???? would you believe something as a badly coated rocker cover the powder coating was in-between the gaskets hence a very fine mist of under pressure oil coming out and being blown back over the cylinder head fins MKL's '98 1200C. That is my GUESS so take it as such please. I switched back to Dino oil and the leaks stopped. Welcome to r/Harley!Here you will find all sorts of information on Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Thanks so much for writing this thread it was just the info I needed to figure out what I'm going to do and Not Do. AMSOIL recommends MCV motorcycle oil for this common sump. To be honest, it is why I avoided them when I started riding) While it is possible that corporate has forgotten how badly they got slaughtered, I wouldn’t think it’s been that long ago that they would forget . This causes oil and air to build up inside, which may force oil out of leak-prone places. Synthetic oil for Harley-Davidson motorcycle’s is probably one of the most debated subjects you will find on any message board or in any Harley magazine. It is not uncommon, when you try to remove the tranny from the frame, for those studs to come loose. deuce- is it primary fluid or trans oil. of the large main drive gear seal 2) Between the shoulder of the main drive gear and the backside of the main drive gear spacer. This allows for the exchange of heat between the two systems. The seal is a problem that H-D is aware of and has informed most dealers (in Germany, but should be in the states too) that the seal must be replaced with a new revision. Take off the outer cover on the oil pump and turn the engine over by hand to make sure the gears in the pump are working. The valve cover gasket is what seals this cover to the cylinder head. com Summary: There are several options for repairing stripped holes for oil and transmission drain plugs on motorcycles – only one is the best fix. • Inspect oil lines and brake system for leaks. leaking oil like crazy same area by kickstand . If the crankshaft seal dries out, cracks, or breaks, it can cause an oil leak. With today’s attention on keeping cars longer, it pays to take care of oil leaks before they rack up repair bills. It is pretty much unavoidable that oil will seep from somewhere inside the engine but the difference between a seepage and a leak can be hundreds of dollars. While the source of oil leaks can be hard to locate, a common and relatively easy to repair source is located where the valve cover meets the cylinder head. And finally, there is a small 1/4" line connected to the top of the oil pump that supplies oil to the inner primary, through a small fitting in the middle of the inner. You will then spend most of your two weeks working the oil change bay applying absorbent to the floor in a vain attempt to clean up the mess before the oil change guy returns Protecting Your Harley Davidson Engine Means Keeping Oil Temperatures Cool. Some oils may be more beneficial than others because they contain conditioners purported to rejuvenate seals to prevent or stop oil leaks, a common ailment in engines with high mileage. Well maybe not trusted, but at least durable. An oil pan is made from either stamped steel or aluminum, and either metal can be damaged if the oil drain bolt is over-tightened or cross-threaded. While doing this I really didn't want to grind my case, so I loosened all of the bolts that hold the inner primary case so I could remove and replace the rotor. from where it was leaking it looked like the primary plug was leaking. disqus1974 Trouble Shooting FEULING® V-TWIN TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE Having oiling, noise or sumping issues with your Twin Cam engine: please review the following trouble shooting guide that Feuling has compiled over the years to help assist you. the motorcycle leaks coolant from multiple locations, the coolant filler neck which was a service upgrade and should of been a recall, the thermostat is the next problem area, its made of plastic and it is prone to leak at the elbow into it, have also been told they leak from the coolant pump and hoses, most common is the thermostat. Engine Oil Leak from Right Head Gasket Oil leaks from the right-side cylinder head gasket are common. In fact, so far the only problem I had involved the Vortec fuel injector assembly. AMSOIL Synthetic SAE 60 Motorcycle Oil is recommended for early-model air-cooled V-Twin engines where a 60-weight motor oil is specified. I have got a very small oil leak on my 2007 Road King that is driving me crazy. On my 99 F150 I Have a pretty bad oil leak on the part that the oil filter goes into it is where the part bolts onto the motor that where its leaking. Touring Models - Common places that leak Oil - So my bike is leaking oil, which oil, no clue yet. with oil leaks, you can stop one leak but it only causes other leaks to appear. AMSOIL recommends AHR SAE 60 or AMV 20W-50 motorcy- I wiped all of the oil off the engine and then took the bike on about a 4 block ride. happy camper…. Some of the many points where external oil leaks may occur include: oil lines, crankcase drain plug, oil pan gasket, valve cover gaskets, oil pump gasket, fuel pump gasket, timing case cover and camshaft bearing The half-shaft oil seals can also fail, causing internal leaks into the hubs, which are harder to spot. Should be performed by an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer, unless you have the proper tools, service data and are mechanically qualified. THE BIKE STARTED LEAKING AROUND THE ROCKER BOXES AND LOCAL TX DEALER SAID IT WAS A "COMMON PROBLEM" ON SPORTSTERS. . $10,000, $15,000, $18,000. • Lubricate the following: front brake handlever, throttle control cables, clutch control cable and handlever. Gents: Was riding my 3,000 mile old 2007 Road King CVO and from the front part of engine, looks like an o ring blew or gasket or something but it was dripping oil pretty bad. Download a Fatboy, Roadking, Sportster, Softail, DYNA, and Touring repair manual in seconds. If you have automatic transmission problems in your F-150, ie: it hesitates when shifting gears or seems sluggish shifting from one gear to the next (1st to 2nd gear, 2nd to 3rd gear, 3rd to 4th gear, etc. Hi Everyone. The Oil Bud Oil Cooler keeps oil temps inline and is virtually undetectable on your Harley. The breather valve on top of the axle, where fitted, can also become blocked. 5 DOHC NA, Late 98 SF9) both have fresh oil residue on the back side of the pan near the flywheel/flexplate (foz is an auto ) and I know its either the rear main or the rear of the oil pan. If it’s thick, black or tan oily liquid: Gear oil may be leaking from a manual transmission, the differential, an axle, or the steering gears. If you’re using the Harley-Davidson Oil Cooler Kit part number 26082-05 you will also have to purchase a oil filter part number 63798-99. Probably the most common cause of oil leaks on any late-model V-twin is the primary drive cases. Lucky for you, I have a garage tip to help you find the problem and suggestions for fixing them. I have taken the car to three mechanics and the lowest quote to fix the problem has been $2000. As with every new engine, there was a lot of criticism when it was introduced, particular with regard to the looks. But, once again, you're faced I just put fresh oil in my 1975 CB550-F and started it up for the first time in four months today. Titan’s Oil Stop-Leak repairs the seals, not the engine oil. An oil pressure sender only measures whether you have enough oil pressure to insure your engine will lubricate properly. D. 5 Common Oil Pump Failure Symptoms 5 Common Oil Pump Failure Symptoms The oil pump inside any vehicle is an important part of the engine's mechanical system and operational health. The vehicle in this video has a leak in the front main seal of the automatic transmission. ) The return / scavenger gears are the ones furthest out from the motor, and the oil feed gears are the ones on the inside, closest to the motor. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils for Harley Davidsons AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oils are formulated with premium synthetic base stocks and high performance additive technology that provide superior multi-functional benefits for the special requirements of motorcycle applications. The only "leaking" I've ever experienced with the primary was a bit of weepage at the gasket; which went away when I re torqued the bolts to spec. Eliminate the need for replacing expensive check valve and fuel line when only a rebuild is needed. on my 02 fxdxt it was the trans seal. Most Ford F-150 owners pinpoint the leaks start when the vehicle rakes in 160,000 miles. Go ahead. It was the inner primary seal. Apply a small amount of clean oil to the rubber gasket on the new oil filter. These gears drive off the pinion shaft, picking up oil and sending it on its way throughout the engine-a simple but delicate operation. The recall is expected to begin on June 6, 2017. Sometimes the oil leak is due to an inexperienced oil lube tech making a rookie mistake, like double gasketing a filter. Tl the contact owns a 2015 Ford F-150. That would be the inner primary seal It is a very common thing for them to leak You may slow it down or stop it by running the oil a little below full (as most of us do) Oil leaks are the most common symptom of a problem with the crankshaft seal. Seriously, the first step to high performance is to make sure you are not giving away any HP because the basic machine needs attention somewhere. But NO ,,still leaking pretty good . Wipe down the oil filter mounting area, and any oil residue that has run down onto the motorcycle. It runs great and I went for the first ride of the season and everything seemed to be great. This pencil points to the base of the cylinder, a common place for a leak to occur. Well, sure enough, I developed leaks I never had with Dino oil and the synthetic oil seemed to "foam" real bad in my oil tank. The old ironhead Sportsters also suffered from oil leaks, poor-quality rectifiers, and voltage regulators and starters that could run on even after the engine had turned over. If the primary cover leaks with the stock system, as long as there is oil in the oil tank, the primary chain will stay lubed. You need to remove the vent line from the inner and plug it off. ” Probably the most common sign of an exhaust leak is increased engine noise. If oil is dripping off the bottom of the starter and no oil on the primary then suspect the starter jackshaft seal. Fits 2001 and newer fuel injected Harley Davidson models. That why you see the leak at the rear end of the Oil Leaks Everyone knows that Harleys don't leak oil, they just mark their spot! (ever seen those signs that say "Washington stayed here"?) Evolution ('84-'99) cylinder base and rocker box gaskets are a very common spot for leaking oil. Make sure that the old gasket came off with the filter, and you have a clean smooth surface to install the new filter on. hey question to subaru veterans and subaru gurus out there, are rear main seals common for oil leaks? maybe rear of the oil pan? my 07 STI and my 98 Foz (2. A restricted oil filter and lack of lubrication cause extreme wear and engine damage is almost certain. For example you could experience higher oil consumption with a lower HTHS viscosity ACEA A1/B1 oil than with a higher HTHS viscosity ACEA A3/B3 oil. Head into a Harley-Davidson dealer sometime and look at the prices. Use thicker weight oil, like Castrol 20W-50 and make sure the PCV system is clean, that is how the engine breathes. The culprits can include worn head gaskets, the valve cover on top of the engine or the oil pump. There is no excuse for these kind of prices. Today Harley-Davidson announced a recall of This article applies to the Harley Davidson Touring (1999-2016). For 100 years Harley owners have been bent over peering into the timing plug hole, getting sprayed with hot oil, while checking and adjusting the timing. These types of changes can be made in steps, like going from 2% butter fat to 1% and then to skim. A Sportster leaking oil under the valve covers is very, very common and you can find threads on forums all over the internet. Courtesy of Harley-Davidson If you've got an oil seal leak in a very inconvenient place, then this video by Scotty Kilmer will show you how a little bottle of re-sealer may be able to fix that leak. He said that was normal for a bike that sits for a long period of time and that there was a drain of some sort under the motor so its not leaking form a seal or anything. If your engine is leaking oil from under the pulley in the front of the engine, you probably need to replace the oil pump seal. The problem caused two crashes and one minor injury. Harleys also have a reputation for poor reliability, and for leaving a tril of engine oil behind them. If search results do not exist, please search by others keyword. They are of different colors and vary according to different manufactures too. I hate leaks too, I bet your's was leaking like her's where you have lots of drips and the bottom of the bell housing is all wet and the exhaust has oil from blowing back as you drive. The breather bolts feed into a secondary filter to collect and filter the oil, but it has started dripping onto the bike recently. might as well pour drain acid in the oil to get the varnish stains off the tops of the valves. How To Deal With The Oil Blowby Phenomenon. For preventing dangerous exhaust fume leaks, we offer exhaust valve gaskets, exhaust port gaskets and intake manifold seals. other places it can leak through are the stator screw holes, it can leak by the sprocket shaft seal if there is a scratch or gouge on the sprocket shaft spacer, or if the spacer is mis-machined and it can also leak by where the sprocket shaft bearing Harley's don't leak oil they mark there territory ,no the gaskets are old in need of replacing or the gasket on the drain plugs needs replaced dreynolds699 · 1 decade ago 1 Chevrolet oil leaks are common, but not on my blazer with a trusted 4. RevZilla photo. I have an evo Sportster, a 1996 Sportster Custom, that I love but I can't get the slow oil drip stopped! The leak/seep/drip is somewhere on the oil hose system but after having it worked on twice in the last 7 years, the last time 2 years ago, I still have a slow drip. HOWEVER MY HONDA AND MY KAWASAKI BOTH DID WHEN I BOUGHT THEM. Typically, when you notice an oil-covered starter, the oil leak is coming from the engine’s rear main seal, which unfortunately is common, especially in older cars. Although these problems still exist on modern automobiles the list of possible root causes has increased exponentially. Harley-Davidson has issued a recall of certain 2007 FLSTC, FLSTC Shrine, FLSTF, FLSTF Shrine, FLSTN, FLSTSC, FXST, FXSTB, FXSTC, FXSTD, FXSTSSE, and Softail motorcycles. 1 The oil filter of a Harley-Davidson® Sportster is located just behind the downtubes and immediately in front of the cases and front cylinder of the motor. Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak is an all new formulation of Lucas additives and very specific base stocks designed to stop seal leaks in engines! Key Benefits Looks like oil accumulates in the bar tension adjustment slot - like perhaps there is a depression in the slot, and a very small crack along the upper edge, through to the bar oil reservoir. there's also a shifter shaft seal to replace. Another common mistake is not cleaning the mating surface of the gasket or using the incorrect oil filter to begin with. The Same Is True Of Motor Oil. Took her to the stealership and they found the source of the leak and the engine knock ive been hearing. unless you replaced ALL the rocker box gaskets, including the one under the lower rocker shaft block, that's actually the most common one to leak, because it deteriorates around the 12-15 year old mark. Conventional Motor Oil Conventional motor oils can be formulated in a range of viscosity grades and quality levels. At least I think it is burning oil. “If the oil leak is undetected Harley oil pumps have basically stayed the same since 1936. Full Answer. It's buying things to impress people who don't care. Hi Bob Does the oil come out of the breather tube continuously or just when you first start up? It is a very common Pan problem for oil to get past the check valve ball in the oil pump and enter the sump when it is sitting about. Oil seepage is a common problem with most vehicles over the course of their lifetime. Oil stains were as wrapped up in Harley`s image as the racket the motor makes when Harley Davidson recommends SAE 50 or 60 for the engine oil in their Flathead, Knucklehead, Panhead, and Shovelhead. Drain the oil, replace o ring on drain plug, replace drain plug, remove oil filter, fill oil filter with 20/50 harley davidson oil and replace filter being careful not to overtighten, fill oil tank with the bike upright to the fill line on the dipstick. No threats of violence. That engine may still be running, but the rings are undoubtedly worn. Certain motorcycles were built with a condition that permits the positive battery cable to contact a weld bead on the oil tank. The gasket prevents motor oil from leaking out as it travels from the pan to the motor and returns to the pan. Most Harleys will leak oil, it can be fixed but that's generally done by either changing gaskets to cork or a thicker gasket. My 2005 CBR1000RR is leaking a small amount of oil from somewhere, but I cant find it yet. For instance we may think oil leaking from the head gasket is leaking from a valve cover. please help!!!! please dont treat me like a Excess crankcase pressure breathes an oil "mist" into the air cleaner via that hose coming from the right/top side of the motor, by the air cleaner. Usually, the filters are chrome or black, but occasionally they are white. BOUGHT IT IN AZ AND RODE TO HOUSTON, TX. Due to its location, oil can quickly leak out, not only causing a low oil level that is damaging to the engine, but the oil that leaks out can fly into the rubber suspension components, quickly deteriorating them and causing even more costly repairs to The rear oil pan seal was leaking (not the main seal) 2 my valve cover gasket was leaking on the rear of the motor and 3 My oil pan plug was leaking due to be over torqued. Many Harley riders will likely be interested in why oil is leaking from the air cleaner in the first place. The Overheating Probably Cooked the small "0" rings in between the heads and cylinders and it took a while for the oil to Ruin the integrity of the head gaskets, then leaks out the oil. The whole set-up was under $25. From the looks of the pic you posted,I had a similar prob with my '04 FLSTF in that same location. Distinguished by their frame, suspension and engine, Harley-Davidson First, look for some of the common causes of high oil pressure in a vehicle. ) It was forced to recall 24,000 bikes, such as its Chief Classic, Chieftain, Roadmaster, and Springfield models, for potential fuel leaks. Please visit our support forum for post-purchase support of our products. Be sure to use a harley filter and harley oil. As well. Leaks are detected by the burnt oil smell produced. "The following pump parts are refurbished and/or inspected and reused if they meet our specifications," said Scott Miller. 3 Liter V-6 engine. I understand that the oil leaks are common. Most Common Fluid Leaks from a Car The most common fluid leaks from a car are: water, coolant, oil, transmission and differential. A number of new riders simply come to the conclusion that something is wrong with their bikes. The oil formation was on the right side of the engine, and my initial thoughts were that the oil leak on my Sportster was from a push rod tube seal. As soon as I got home I took several pictures where the oil was leaking (by the valve cover, by the oil dipstick, in front of the engine, etc. As the exhaust escapes it will cause your engine to rumble loudly as you drive down the road, but again the symptom will be more prominent during acceleration. Interestingly, they had to pull the muffler to get at the bolts, and in doing so discovered that the welds on the heat shield of my muffler had given way. Because valve cover leakage is far more common, this is an easy mistake to make. Honda Australia has voluntarily recalled its CB500 models to check for oil leaks. The Oil Stop Leak is the universal application and will work for oil pan gasket leaks, rear main seal leaks, valve seal leaks, transmission leaks, power steering leaks, etc. If your oil level has been dropping, look elsewhere to find your leak remembering that My 2003 Nighthawk 750 with 7,000 miles on the odometer appears to be burning oil at a rate of one quart per 1,000 miles. An engine oil pump sucks oil out of your oil pan and pumps it through your oil filter onto the bearings. These are TRUE racing oils that FAR exceed all manufacturer specifications and can outlast other oils up to 4 times on the track or on the street. Fixed all leaks and doesnt drip a drop anywhere anymore, needless to say no more oil poured out on my driveway. Finding the point from which the motorcycle engine oil is leaking will help you to determine what method to use to repair it as well as the severity of the problem. 1) I. The oil pump cannot sump the oil out from the bottom end quickly enough which causes it to load up in the top end and flow out the breather. thanks Bil, Bud, and anybody else involved with this product. All the aspects of the bike that are required to be tinkered with for the process are easily accessible and really only require a few simple hand tools: a screwdriver, filter wrench of some kind, drain pan, and possibly a funnel (if you don't have a steady hand). Hydraulic valve lifters were incorporated to eliminate valve lash adjustments, and the one-piece valve covers, which housed newly designed trunnion rocker arms, were created to help eliminate the common oil leaks, but were not 100% successful. The common places of oil leak are from the bottom oil screw which is opened for draining oil - can be fixed with proper washer and adhesives if necessary. We are talking specifically about "wet" primaries, or chaindrive primary systems. Disassemble, lubricate and inspect every 50,000 miles (80,000 kilometers). The oil breather lines rout into the can and there is a vent tube that then goes to a filter just like the other poster mentioned. 2. The causes of cylinder head oil leaks, stretched studs, leaky gaskets and a number of recommendations for various sticky products to help with these problems Halite head gaskets and torqueing up The only cylinder head gasket to use is the standard steel ringed halite gasket. " He said most of the baggers develop this leak. The first evidence that the diagnosis was wrong should be when the block is damp above the pan seal area. Valve cover gasket leaks are pretty common starting at around this mileage interval…. Mine pukes a lot of oil out around the front sprocket when cold. Alternatively, drain plugs will leak when they aren't adequately secured after changing or flushing the transmission fluid. PROTECT YOUR HARLEY ENGINE. Most likely the first symptom will be your engine or oil light indicator on your dashboard coming on to alert you there is a problem. let's make something very clear, any motorcycle that costs more than 10 grand better be delivering some serious performance. Changing the oil and filter for a Harley® is a relatively easy procedure. 2001 nomad 1500 . Obviously, if very much oil gets into the filter, it leaks out, eventually exiting the housing, causing a drip. Dark oil would indicate engine oil, but it would be real strange for it to leak anywhere near the rear portion of the inner primary unless it's coming from somewhere else. Make the jokes about Harleys and oil leaks. I have an oil leak and not sure of the part that it is coming from (I plead ignorance). Most of the time, the problem is something minor and easy to fix. engine oil may be leaking past the alternator plug retainer. The upper oil pan seal leaks oil on hard acceleration and when the car is parked on an incline. “After searching for something to cool oil temps on my 2011 FLHX I found OilBud oil coolers. Oil carryover, also known as slobbering oil, is a common problem in Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The ignition side crankshaft seal is another component that can leak air. In order to stop an oil leak, you'll need to find its source, and this part can be pretty tricky! Unless you have the correct tools, like a torque wrench, plus the right training, you may want to leave the detective work up to the professionals. Leaking oil, however, could be a sign that something is seriously wrong with your car's engine. The rear main seal, located at the rear of the engine, is meant to seal the oil from coming out of the rear end of the crankshaft. One other leak that’s also common on most Harleys is the dreaded wet-sump, when oil collects in the crankcase. I'll wait. I ran my bike over to Barnes Harley Davidson , and they fixed it right away. The oil filter of a Harley-Davison Sportster is located just behind the downtubes and immediately in front of the cases and front cylinder of the motor. The most common seals credited with transmission leaks are the seal around the dipstick (where you check your transmission fluid levels), the speedometer o-ring (which attaches the speedometer to the transmission), the seals around the input and output shafts of the transmission, and the front pump seal. The owner of the store said they call the shift shaft leak "The standard leak. Yet another recall for Harley-Davidson for a persistent what type of oil is harley davidson formula+ transmission and primary chaincase lubricant primary oil for harley 4-speed using syn 3 oil on harley engine,trans, and primary who makes harley synthetic oil? redline oil vs mobil one harley-davidson In automobile engines, the head gasket is a ringed panel that is placed between the cylinder head and engine block. I suppose that with Harley fluids the primary or gearbox oil could have turned somewhat dark in 400 miles, so it would be a question of degree. Harley-Davidson recalls 57,000 motorcycles for oil leak The company says it has nine reports of oil lines coming off. Find Genuine James head gaskets, Cometic camshaft cover gaskets, S&S Cycle oil pump gaskets and much more to keep your engine running smoothly. An oil leak from a head gasket is not common and sometimes it is mis-diagnosed. Many oil leaks are due to worn out engine gaskets, oil seals, or bad connections. The recall notice says that due to “an incorrect procedure during manufacture” of the rocker arm shaft sealing bolt, it may come loose causing oil to leak from the CB500’s engine. (Oil leaks and reliability were a huge concern for any Harley from that era. Tom Swanson August 14th, 2014 . Back in the day, common coolant leak problems included water pump and radiator leaks. Harley-Davidson will notify owners, and dealers will inspect and correct the oil cooler line clamps, as necessary, free of charge. Fuel injectors seldom leak, but their rubber components are susceptible Download a Fatboy, Roadking, Sportster, Softail, DYNA, and Touring repair manual in seconds. Learning the source of the problem is only part of the solution. Beltdrive systems run dry. changed stator outer gasket and really thought that was the problem . Drive plates in the clutch pack engage the plates in the clutch pack to drive the primary shaft in the transmission. ) check your transmission fluid level first. If the spray enters an air leak area, the idle speed will increase noticeably. can it also be the inner gasket ? wont leak unless engine is running . Apparently it is a fairly common problem with Harley touring bikes. Most leaks result from the seal’s loss of silicone content as the seal ages. if it is a trans seal leak, along with the trans output shaft seal, make sure to replace the spacer that it rides on. the new heal-a-seal tm engine oil sealer - and oil stop leak - is specially designed to stop engine oil leaks anywhere, and on any engine - gasoline or diesel, with any kind of oil, even synthetic types! Most common 4 speed transmission leaks are attributed to the following areas. Another leakage issue recently came up when Harley Davidson had to recall over 57,000 2017 touring motorcycles due to an improperly installed clamp on the oil cooling system, which could lead to The primary oil is pulled into the motor oil system and overflows out the crankcase vent. However, let’s start off with the ones that aren’t so hard to locate. Not trying to start another Harley argument but I have found another reason a Harley(at least my XR1200) leaks oil. After driving the vehicle for a bit there is a strong smell of burnt oil in the cab upon stopping. Protect your Harley Engine from harmful people putting substances into your oil tank or transfer case and cycling through your engine clogging up the oil pump or ruining your top end, either way means money and work. or O. The rubber degrades over time, dries out, and can begin to crack or become brittle. the 2 screw holes are drilled all the way through. In this video Emmy Award-winning mechanic Scotty Kilmer will teach you how to do just that at home • Inspect oil lines and brake system for leaks. This simply causes the seal to shrink and allow oil to bypass the seals and leak engine oil outside the engine block. With the modified system a leaking primary cover means that if the oil level in the primary cover is not occasionally checked, the chain can eventually run dry. I suppose this damage could have been incurred by dropping the saw on its tension adjustment pin. The starter can be saved if you catch it soon enough before the starter windings get saturated with oil, if not then new starter it is. I bought mine in the early 1980's when few people own a Harley Davidson. I have an after-market spike filter. Common Causes of Transmission Leaks Transmissions often leak from a loose pan, caused when bolts aren't properly tightened after a filter is changed. I am new to blogging but wanted to share this first article here on how to stop the leaks from the famous 4 speed tranny made by Harley long ago. Welcome to the club. The two most common leaks on a modern Harley are the exhaust gaskets and rocker box gaskets. The first Harley-Davidson V-Twin engine was released in 1909 in the form of the Atmospheric V-Twin. not a huge job ,will (obviously) need to remove the outer and inner primary covers. Locating Engine Oil Leaks. The Shovelhead was equipped with automatic oilers in the primary and for the chain drive. Basic solutions to the leak are applying the JB Weld bond which costs less than $100 on the seam leaking after cleaning the back side of the head or re-torqueing the head bolts. Harley Davidson Stripped Drain Plug Hole – Best Fix November 15, 2013 11:49 am dennisb - Auto Tool Sales ATF Fluid Leak, Honda, oil leaks, TIME-SERT Kits DenLorsTools. This involves an engine oil and oil filter change, (on rebuilt engines), re-tightening of recently assembled parts, and on older models, cylinder head bolts, cylinder base nuts and checking and adjustment of carburetor, pushrods and timing (as applicable). Oil leaks, or the "Shovelhead Drip," have been plaguing Shovelhead owners for decades. The seal is pretty cheap, but you have The top three reasons a car leaks gas are a damaged fuel line, broken O-rings or injector seals, and fuel tank ruptures. You search Auto repair manual PDF common places for a shovelhead to leak, if there are search results will appear below. I've tried the more common fixes like using Ted's seat cutting tool to try to cut a new seat, I've braized an old ball onto a short spoke and lapped the seat with fine valve grinding compound, etc, etc. Softail Oil Change From time to time I see question on the forum regarding doing an oil change on a Harley and more specifically about doing a scavenging oil change on a Softail. If oil is going missing and the area around and under the valve cover is soaked, then it could be time to replace the valve cover gasket. I had the crank & rods installed, I installed a set of 3&5/8 jugs & pistons, S&S heads top breather! Harley Davidson Forums. Tap the to learn more about the most common 2012 Ford F-150 problems. Sometimes the boots look fine until you bend or stretch them, which can reveal cracking. In the majority of modern engines, two style of gaskets are prevalent - liquid Engine seal leaks and synthetic oil "KRS the most common source of leakage is the O-ring that fits between the inside of the clutch basket hub and the engine's The above Harley CV carb Tuning and Troubleshooting tips are meant as a guide only to assist with some common issues. Since that time the Motor Company has sold a total eight V-Twin engine designs – Atmospheric V-Twin, F-Head, Flathead, Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evolution, and Twin Cam – most of these names are instantly recognizable to almost any motorcyclist. One of the most common "problems" with Sportsters is the so-called "oil blowby phenomenon," which is when oil leaks out of the air cleaner assembly and drips out all over the engine and your right leg. Sportster Oil Leak Around the 5,000 mile mark, I started to notice oil puddling on the engine block of my 2006 Sportster. common harley oil leaks